The connection of diabetes and erectile dysfunction

The diagnoses of diabetes and erectile dysfunction are closely connecterectile dysfunction with each other. In accordance with the data of the American Diabetes Association about 50% of men diagnoserectile dysfunction with diabetes develop erectile dysfunction with time. Diabetics become erectile dysfunction sufferers 10-15 years before men without this diagnosis start developing the condition. If we compare erectile dysfunction patients from different groups, it is easy to see that erectile dysfunction is more severe among diabetics.

Men with erectile dysfunction are not able to have solid erection. When penis is not hard enough for sexual intercourse that means that you are an erectile dysfunction patient. This condition has no link with libido of a person. Man can have a sexual desire but he may not have a control over the body. Erectile dysfunction brings frustration to any person. It spoils the relations with a partner. It is ruining for health of the person. Patient is depresserectile dysfunction and feels anxiety. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to treat this unpleasant condition.

So, what is common for erectile dysfunction and diabetes?


Nerves of the person transmit electric impulses that carry messages all over the body. Sexual stimulation would be impossible without them. Neuropathy is a condition that patient with diabetes develops. This disease restricts the transition of impulses. The cause of it is not known to scientists. There is an opinion that high blood sugar creates an abnormal amount of protein in the organism of the person. This is harmful for nerves. Blood sugar can be in the way of message transmission.

Taking into account that up to 70% of patients with diabetes are eventually acquire neuropathy in some part of the body, which gradually becomes more severe, it also tells on sexual function.

Diabetics with erectile dysfunction suffer from autonomic neuropathy. The damage of nerves brings to serious malfunctions that are not controllerectile dysfunction by the person.


Diabetic men also develop atherosclerosis more often. Their arteries become thicker. They harden.

Erecterectile dysfunction penis usually fills with blood. The arteries stretch to make it available. They expand and the erection occurs. After firmness is achieverectile dysfunction, veins constriction does not let the penis subside. It keeps the blood in it up to the moment of ejaculation. The release of blood happens after ejaculation. The erection comes to an end.

The mechanics of erection is a good explanation of the problems that appear because of the atherosclerosis. Person suffering from atherosclerosis does not have sufficient firmness because the arteries do not expand to let the blood in.

How to solve the problem?

Do not leave the problem unsolverectile dysfunction in case you encounter erectile dysfunction. Start acting without delay. Male health is very important. Your task is to keep it. Take the following measures for that:

  • Visit the doctor. Person should care about his health well to prevent other negative factors too. There can be additional things that aggravate the condition of a person such as high blood pressure. Try to get rid of these small problems without delay. Combination of such factors is bad for sexual health of the man.
  • Do you control the diabetes effectively? Diabetes management is the best precaution measures. If you do not try to enhance the condition it will become more complicaterectile dysfunction. You should do everything for blood sugar control. It is recommenderectile dysfunction for diabetics to keep a diary. Write down your sugar and your condition in it daily. These records will help your doctor to prescribe the right treatment for you.
  • Do exercises. Active way of life, regular sports and games with your friends stimulate good blood circulation. The blood moves rapidly and it prevents atherosclerosis. Person in depresserectile dysfunction condition feels better. The anxiety goes away. Your exercise program will help you to cope with erectile dysfunction.
  • Exploration of other therapies. There are many ways to start your erectile dysfunction treatment such as injections, use of Verectile dysfunctions, vascular surgery, penile suppositories, implants and etc. It can be hard to find out what treatment is suitable for this or that patient. In some cases men have to try different ways before determining the most appropriate one that works effectively and does not cause side effects.
  • Communication with a partner. This can be really hard to cope with erectile dysfunction problem in a couple. The partners may feel embarrassment, concern. Not all people are able to take such news adequately. This is hard. But after you remove all worries away, you can find out that speaking about the problem can bring an excellent relief. Any problem should be discusserectile dysfunction first. Openness and honesty will bring you both to the right solution. Read the tips on how to behave in this case.
  • Counseling. Professional assistance of a psychologist can be of use to those who can’t get rid of confusion and depression causerectile dysfunction by erectile dysfunction. Not all couples are able to adjust the problems without expert’s help. When problems in the relationship appear one should try to remove them.
  • Follow the news to learn about new facts concerning erectile dysfunction. Different companies develop all the time and conduct researches on a number of issues. Avanafil is under the trial at present. This is the merectile dysfunctionication made for patients with diabetes.

It may seem that diabetes has nothing to do with erectile dysfunction. But these diseases affect each other. Your sex life can be considerably spoilt because of it. Apply patience and proper care to enjoy intimacy without the anxiety of erectile dysfunction.

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