Erection problems

There are many difficult situations, where a man shows willpower and firmness of character, but there is one problem that can break even a brave and self-confident man. This is erectile dysfunction. Studies show that over 150.000.000 men worldwide suffer from erectile dysfunction, and by 2025, this number is projected to increase to 322.000.000. In the world, every third man over 35 faces this problem. Actually, all these statistics can hardly be a consolation for someone who has experienced erectile dysfunction firsthand. The reluctance of men with ED to go to the hospital is a big problem for the doctors all over the world, but it is especially relevant in our country, where it is not customary to tell the doctors about the personal problems. And, frankly speaking, one can imagine how the therapist at an ordinary district clinic will look at the man complaining about his failures in bed at the end of the working day.

No matter how sad the data on the number of men with potency disorders are, the following figures are just as depressing: only 10% of patients are looking for the ways to treat them. This means that the remaining 90% prefer to suffer in silence. They really suffer, as erectile dysfunction means an inability to have sexual intercourse; hence sexual problems, or rather a lack of sex, and as a result – alienation from the partner, depression and self-doubt. Many see erectile dysfunction almost as a penance, and consider it either an intractable problem, or just a too delicate topic to discuss, even with a doctor. Many also hope that it will heal all by itself.

Erectile dysfunction can be caused by several types of reasons- endocrine, drug, local, neurological and vascular. All this belongs to the organic form of erectile dysfunction, when it is caused by some change or disorder in the body. Psychological form of erectile dysfunction, in which normal sexual life is interfered with only by the neuropsychiatric disorders, is much more common. Besides, a psychological component is almost always added to organic erection problems. After eliminating the root cause, it can come to the fore.

In the treatment of erectile dysfunction (as well as any other disease), it is important to recognize the disease in time, and not neglect it. Specialists categorically state that the slightest symptoms of a deterioration in sexual function are a reason for an immediate visit to the doctor. Modern medicine has a huge variety of tools necessary to help such patients.

As the causes of erectile dysfunction can be different, the treatment for each case should be prescribed by the doctor who knows the history of your disease and has your test results. Consultation with a specialist is an indispensable step in solving the problem of erectile dysfunction. You should cease hesitations about how “convenient” it is to discuss intimate problems with a doctor. You need to remember that erectile dysfunction very easy to treat, and the sooner you see the specialist, the sooner your problems will be successfully resolved.

Once again, we should emphasize the most important points that you need to know about erectile dysfunction, its treatment and prevention.

  • No one is safe from sexual failure; therefore, you shouldn’t take it to the heart. The best option is to rest, calm down, change a scene and try again after a while.
  • Be sure to consult the doctor and undergo a thorough examination by a competent specialist in the field of urology or andrology, if you don’t have an erection during masturbation/night and morning erection.
  • If you’re worried about periodic problems with erection during the intercourse, you need the help of a competent sexologist.
  • You shouldn’t try to increase the duration of intercourse artificially. You shouldn’t continue one intercourse for more than 4 hours, even if you can do it without much effort. It’s not harmless to the cavernous tissue of the penis, as it can cause its hardening over time.
  • To minimize the likelihood of developing erectile dysfunction, you should: lead a healthy lifestyle and give up smoking, alcohol and drugs; always consult your doctor before taking any medications; have a regular sex life without prolonged periods of abstinence and sexual excesses; be sure to talk to the urologist if you are injured, have undergone surgery on the perineum or small pelvis or have diabetes or hypertension.
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