Erectile Dysfunction and Lifestyle Changes

What is erectile dysfunction? It is the inability to achieve and/or maintain an erection sufficient to satisfy sexual activity. A full sex life provides a man with confidence in his solvency, improves mood and overall vitality. Many epidemiological studies have noted a direct relationship between sexual activity and male life expectancy. However, one should not think that only young men are interested in the issues of sexuality.

There are many reasons for erectile dysfunction. If earlier various psychological problems were considered the main cause of ED, now this opinion has changed – it has been proven that erectile dysfunction in almost 80% of cases occurs as a complication of various, primarily vascular, diseases.

Doctors are not always able to determine the specific cause of impotence, so it is necessary to consider the role of various forms of predisposition to the disease. First of all, these are the features of the patient’s lifestyle.

Key risk factors for impotence

  1.  Smoking. Regular penetration of harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke into the body can, over time, cause chronic cardiovascular disease.
  2.  Alcoholism. Ethanol has an adverse effect on blood vessels and the nervous system.
  3.  Obesity and lack of physical activity.
  4.  High cholesterol and irregular diabetes therapy.
  5.  Chronic stress, insomnia, and adverse social conditions.

The patient can independently eliminate many risk factors, so timely prevention plays an important role in preventing impotence. Bad habits are often the cause of poor erection at a young age.

Quitting smoking, alcohol, and drugs

Smoking (including smoking marijuana) is the cause of vasoconstriction. Consequently, the aorta of the penis does not feed enough blood, as a result of which a drop in potency occurs. All body systems are affected by alcohol.

Drinking alcohol in large doses has a very detrimental effect on a man’s sexual functions. The only thing recommended is to drink a glass of good wine before intercourse. It will help the man to relax, remove the psychological barrier, and dilate the blood vessels.

Avoid stressful situations

Stress and nervous breakdowns are widespread causes of erectile dysfunction. You need to learn to relax and not take domestic and work conflicts to heart. If you are depressed, it may be best to seek help from a good counselor.

Go in for sports

A healthy lifestyle has a positive effect on all body systems. Exercise promotes better functioning of the cardiovascular system and improves blood circulation in the body. Due to this, the erection also enhances. However, don’t overdo it! Remember that excessive stress on the body is another reason for the drop in potency.

Eat healthy food

In the case of erection problems, it is important to adjust your diet by adding natural aphrodisiacs to it. In the diet of a modern man, fish, meat, and seafood must be present. Also, do not forget about garlic, walnuts, eggs, and other products that improve the male potency.

Have a regular sex life

Remember that irregular intercourse is also one of the main reasons for the drop in potency. Of course, if a man already has violations, it is very difficult to have a regular sex life. However, if your partner understands and supports you, then regular sex will undoubtedly benefit you.

Learn to relax

Sometimes a good rest allows you to cope with many problems, including those related to sex life. Be sure to get enough sleep. Healthy sleep has a positive effect on all body systems.

Studies have shown that if a man tries to spend most of his time on the couch near the TV, then he needs to be examined. Most likely, he will have a decrease in testosterone levels. As a rule, such an ailment is detected in overweight men who lead a sedentary lifestyle, do not engage in physical education and sports.

Regular physical education has a beneficial effect on a man’s physical condition and improves sexual function. Studies have been conducted – in overweight men who regularly played sports, testosterone levels were measured. The hormone increased as they lost weight. It is a well-known fact that in obese men, testosterone production is suppressed, the hormone simply begins to break down into fat. Age-related androgen deficiency can also be fought naturally, through regular physical labor.

Depression and fatigue are the reasons for erectile dysfunction

Stress itself was invented by nature to help a man, stimulate, excite. But chronic stress is constant, daily, tiresome. A man is forced to be in an aggressive environment. Negative emotions, bad mood – all this greatly affects the sexual function of men. Chemical processes in the body lead to the suppression of the production of testosterone, dopamine, serotonin.

The modern method of treating erectile dysfunction is a staggered approach. And the first thing that needs to be done in this case is to adjust the lifestyle that led to erectile dysfunction in a particular man. For example, he is overweight – you need to fight overweight. He smokes – you have to fight the fact that he smokes. It has been proven that a healthy lifestyle has a very positive effect on sexual function in general and on erection in particular. Smoking is the most powerful vascular risk factor that leads to vascular accidents such as heart attack or stroke. The paradox is that a man who has noted an erectile dysfunction, in five years, can die from a stroke or heart attack. It is because, first of all, the smaller vessels of his body suffer and declare themselves in the form of dysfunctions – for example, impotence. And in a few years, this process will reach the heart.

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